Benefits of OxyContin

OxyContin is the name brand version of oxycodone, an opioid pain killer that is highly effective and serves as an excellent alternative to other opioids that cause serious side effects in some patients. The only downside of taking OxyContin are withdrawal effects caused by coming off the medication too rapidly. However, with the proper preparation and knowledge of the drug, you can use OxyContin safely and effectively, and it is much less addictive than other opioid pain medications. The main benefits of OxyContin have to do with the effectiveness and ease with which you can use the medication.

Less Addictive Than Alternatives

While all opioids are addictive, OxyContin represents a breakthrough in opioid drug development. German scientists first developed oxycodone in the early 20th century, in an effort to find an alternative to morphine, codeine, and other intense opioids. For many patients, codeine has unpleasant side effects. Morphine can be highly addictive and very difficult to stop taking. Both morphine and codeine are present in your system much longer than OxyContin, meaning that it takes more time for you to stop feeling the effects of withdrawal. Because oxycodone, and therefore OxyContin was designed to be less habit forming, it comes with some clear benefits over alternatives.

Fewer Side Effects

The side effects of morphine and codeine can be extreme. Morphine can cause nausea and vomiting that can require that patients be given replacement fluids. The negative reactions to codeine are less intense than the reactions to morphine, but many people still find codeine intolerable as a pain medication. OxyContin has fewer side effects and they are generally less severe. Some patients experience some nausea or even vomiting, but it is much less likely than with other opioids. While it is rare to find a medication that causes no side effects, one of the benefits of OxyContin is that the side effects are relatively mild.

Highly Effective Time Released Formula

Anyone who has suffered from pain and found relief with OxyContin will tell you that it is a highly effective pain medication. OxyContin is a time release formula of oxycodone that takes slightly longer to take effect, but is effective over a longer period of time than quick release oxycodone. Quick release versions have a peak concentration at around 1 hour after taking the medication. OxyContin reaches peak concentration three hours after you take the medication.

Easy to Buy Online

Of course, one of the benefits of OxyContin is that you can easily buy OxyContin online. If you already know that OxyContin is a good pain relief option for you, then being able to simply and conveniently buy OxyContin online is the icing on the cake.