How OxyContin Works

OxyContin is a time release, name brand formula of oxycodone, a synthetic opioid pain medication. It is one of the strongest concentrations of oxycodone, as many other name brand and generic brand formulas include other pain killers such as paracetamol or acetaminophen. While these combinations can be highly effective, OxyContin is still viewed a one of the top brands in oxycodone medication.

The time release formula has its advantages over quick release formulas. While quick release oxycodone medications may work quickly, they tend to only work for a short amount of time. The benefits of a time release formula have to do with the length of time that one pill will provide pain relief. The initial dose does dissolve fairly quickly, but the secondary dose takes longer to dissolve. By combining dosage in this way, you can lengthen the time of high concentration of the drug in your system.

Effect on the Brain

Opioid medications like OxyContin work by effecting the way the brain experiences pain. The nervous system and rest of the body send messages to the brain that indicate pain is being experienced. Opioids block the pain receptors, literally turning off the signals that indicate pain and discomfort. As a result, you cannot feel the pain that you normally would feel. To top it all off, OxyContin changes the way you experience pain. Pain usually causes discomfort, stress, and anxiety. Those reactions are dulled by OxyContin, causing you to feel relaxed and unaffected by any pain you may still be feeling.

Pain Relief for Recovery

Many people find that OxyContin is the perfect pain medication if they are recovering from an injury or from surgery. While morphine is a stronger pain killer, OxyContin can be used with fewer negative side effects. This means that more people are tolerant of OxyContin than of morphine. The same is true of codeine, which many people have a strong negative reaction to. Those patients can successfully use OxyContin in the short term for relief of temporary pain.

Pain Relief for Chronic Pain

Sufferers of chronic pain often need a stronger medication than what you can buy at the drugstore. Aspirin and ibuprofen may be okay for headaches, but chronic back, neck, or hip pain often requires something more robust. Many people find that OxyContin is a relatively side-effect free option the effectively reduces their pain. Plus, because you can buy OxyContin online, people with chronic pain who do not want to run errands appreciate being able to order OxyContin for delivery.