OxyContin Safe Use

Like many powerful pain medications, some people have abused OxyContin by using it for recreational purposes. Because a few people have used the medication in an unsafe way, OxyContin has a bit of a bad reputation. Rather than worry about what others have done wrong or what the risks might be, the best thing you can do is inform yourself about how to safely and effectively use OxyContin.

Following Dosage Instructions

This may seem obvious, but following dosage instructions is one of the most important part of taking any medication. If you have never taken OxyContin before, you should find out what the recommended dosage is for someone of your weight and age. Start out at a lower dose than recommended and work up to the recommended dose. Everyone reacts differently to new medications and it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid a negative reaction. If you think you may be having a negative reaction, get medical help immediately. Although it is highly uncommon, it is possible to have an allergy to one of the ingredients in OxyContin.

Contraindications and Drug Interaction

Possibly the most important thing to do before taking a new medication is to read about potential drug interactions. Many medications should not be taken together, as they may counteract the effects of one another, or they may interact and cause a negative reaction. Because OxyContin is an opioid, you should never take it with another opioid, such as morphine or codeine. Read the instructions on all medications, including medications you are already taking, before using medications together.

Stopping Use

The only major warning that you will read about regards stopping use of OxyContin. Like all opioids, OxyContin can be habit forming and does present some withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the drug. However, these can be minimized or avoided altogether with a little bit of forethought. If you are thinking of coming of OxyContin, start by slowly lowering your dosage over a couple of days. The negative effects are almost always caused when individuals stop using OxyContin too quickly. You can easily avoid that problem by slowing use before stopping altogether.

Responsible Use is Easy

The good news is that responsible use of OxyContin is pretty easy. By following recommended dosage and stopping recommendations, you can use this incredibly powerful pain medication with few side effects, if any.